How to make Easy Apple Cake

Upside-Down Cake (Easy Apple Cake)

Prep Time 0H15mins Cook Time 0H35mins Total Time 0H50mins Upside-Down Cake (Easy Apple Cake) Certainly, the Upside-Down Cake (Easy Apple Cake) is out favorite fall baking recipe. Above all, cinnamon adds special taste to it and it will leave keep you warm and cozy at a windy and rainy fall […]

Pineapple Pie Recipe

Easy Pineapple Cake Recipe | KitchenAid Recipes

How to cook Easy Pineapple Cake Prep Time 0H10mins Cook Time 0H40mins Total Time 0H50mins Servings: 9 servings Equipment Used To Make This Recipe kitchenaid artisan mixer sieve strainer large bowl 9-Inch Square Cake Pan Silicone Measuring Cup with Marking Ingredients 6 large eggs 1 cup white sugar (215 grams) 1 cup all-purpose flour (130 grams) 1 can sliced […]