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Chef Knife

How to choose an Essential Knife


 Here at A Kitchen Advisor we know that choosing the right knife can be a challenging task. There are so many brands and types of knives in the market. With the following guide, we hope to help you find knives that fit both your budget and cooking requirements. The guide is […]

Pineapple Pie Recipe
Stand Mixer Recipes

Easy Pineapple Cake Recipe | KitchenAid Recipes


 How to cook Easy Pineapple Cake Prep Time 0H10mins Cook Time 0H40mins Total Time 0H50mins Servings: 9 servings Equipment Used To Make This Recipe kitchenaid artisan mixer sieve strainer large bowl 9-Inch Square Cake Pan Silicone Measuring Cup with Marking Ingredients 6 large eggs 1 cup white sugar (215 grams) 1 cup all-purpose flour (130 grams) 1 can sliced […]

Cutting Board

How to care for a Wood Cutting Board by Paul Clark


 Here at we share with our readers the most relevant and cost-effective information. It covers any topic about kitchenware, cookware, bakeware and all other gadgets related to the kitchen activities. We published a Post “How to maintain a wood cutting board” a month ago. There were a lot of questions […]


How to maintain a wood cutting board


 First of all, take care of your wood cutting board and it will pay you off with a lifetime of loyal service. Most likely the performance of a wood cutting board can be significantly prolonged. Don’t forget to treat it with the respect that a natural product deserves. Also give […]